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In a December 30 article in the Commercial Dispatch, Food Columnist Anne Freeze praised the Country Store Bake Sale held annually at the Stephen D. Lee House.

Freeze wrote:
“If you have never gone to the Lee Home annual bake sale on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, go ahead and put it on your 2010 calendar now. It’s crazy to pass this up and miss getting some help with holiday baking. I’ve been for the past three years and have stocked up on home-made rolls, cheese straws (all I could carry) and cake.

I put the cheese straws in zip-lock freezer bags and pull out what I need when I need them. The rolls are ready for the Freeze family Christmas dinner and save me from having to bake rolls (which I am really bad at), or remember to pull out the Sister Shubert from the freezer (which I forgot to do this year—again).

Some genius baker in Columbus made what was called “chocolate Italian cream cake” and, whoever you are, I bow to you. I also froze this cake, and let it thaw on the counter for a day, and boy, everyone’s eyes rolled back into their heads when it was tasted. We salute you, Unknown Baker!”

Thank you Anne for your overwhelming praise and we plan to keep the cheese straws coming!

Article Source: Anne Freeze, “The last of the 2009 desserts”, The Commercial Dispatch, 2009 December 30.


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