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The Stephen D. Lee Foundation Board passed a resolution on August 4, 2009 affirming the official name of the house and museum located at 316 Seventh Street North is the “Stephen D. Lee Home”.

In addition, the Board recognized that the home is also referred to as the Blewett-Harrison-Lee Home and the Lee Home.

The Home is listed as the S.D. Lee House on the National Register of Historic Places. You can find out more about the National Register and see a listing of the Stephen D. Lee Home at www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com


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Carolyn Burns, with the support of the Stephen D. Lee Foundation Board, is preparing a grant request to address repairs needed to the outside of the house itself. The deadline for the request is October 1.

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The Stephen D. Lee Foundation Board has begun the process of improving the drainage, lighting, and landscaping around the house.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service has been advising the Foundation as have other professionals who have volunteered their service.

The plan, once confirmed by the Board, will be completed in stages as finances allow.

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